Infosys share Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Infosys share Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050
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Infosys share Price Prediction


Stock prices are always on the move, and trying to predict where they will go next is a tricky business. But that’s not stopping analysts from having a go. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the recent predictions for Infosys’ share price, and what the future might hold for the Indian tech giant.

The current Infosys share price

The Infosys share price is currently trading at around Rs. 1,350 per share. The stock has been on a roll in recent times, thanks to strong earnings growth and positive investor sentiment.

However, there are some concerns that the stock may have run up too far too fast and could be due for a correction. So, what’s the Infosys share price prediction for the near future?

Well, it is tough to say for sure. However, if the company can continue to deliver strong earnings growth, then the stock could continue to move higher. On the other hand, if earnings growth slows down or investors turn sour on the stock, then we could see a sharp correction.

Infosys share price predictions for the future

The future of Infosys looks bright, and the company’s share price is expected to continue to rise. Here are some predictions for Infosys’ share price over the next few years:

In 2020, Infosys’ share price is expected to reach $30 per share.

In 2021, Infosys’ share price is expected to reach $35 per share.

In 2022, Infosys’ share price is expected to reach $40 per share.

infosys bonus history

Infosys has had a history of awarding bonuses to its employees. In 2015, the company announced a bonus of up to 3 months’ salary for all its employees. This was in addition to the normal annual bonuses that were paid out. The move was welcomed by employees and was seen as a way to retain talent. However, in 2016, Infosys announced that it would be doing away with this bonus scheme. This was done in order to save costs and help the company improve its bottom line. While the move was criticized by some, others saw it as a necessary evil.

Infosys buyback history

The Infosys Board of Directors has announced a share buyback program to return up to ₹13,000 crores (US$1.9 billion) to shareholders.

This is the second time that Infosys has undertaken a share buyback program. In April 2017, the Board approved a ₹16,000 crore (US$2.4 billion) share buyback program, which was completed in August 2017.

Under the current program, Infosys will buy back up to 11.3% of its outstanding shares at a price not exceeding ₹800 per share. The buyback program will be conducted through a tender offer process on July 5-19, 2018.

The record date for determining eligible shareholders is June 22, 2018, and the buyback price will be determined on July 20, 2018.

Infosys share price between 2000-2010

Infosys is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. It has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. As of March 2019, Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company by revenue after Tata Consultancy Services and the seventh-largest employer in India. On 31 March 2019, its market capitalization was $45.29 billion. The share price of Infosys between 2000 and 2010 can be seen in the chart below.

During the period between 2000 and 2010, Infosys’ share price increased significantly from Rs.45 to Rs.3,086. This can be attributed to a number of factors including the strong performance of the company during this period, as well as positive sentiment towards India’s economy and IT sector specifically. Some key highlights during this period include Infosys becoming the first Indian company to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in 1999, as well as being ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s most innovative companies in 2003.

Infosys share price prediction 2023

As India’s second-largest IT services company, Infosys is a bellwether for the country’s economy. The company has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic relatively well, with its share price actually increasing during the height of the crisis.

Looking ahead, analysts are bullish on Infosys’ prospects, with an average price target of Rs 1,841.88 ($24.78) per share. This would represent a significant increase from the current share price of Rs 1,378 ($18.51).

Among the reasons for optimism are Infosys’ strong client base, its focus on digital transformation, and its growing presence in key markets like the United States.

With India’s economy expected to rebound strongly in the coming years, Infosys is well-positioned to benefit. As such, its share price is likely to continue to rise, making it a good investment for the long term.

Infosys share price prediction 2025

Infosys share Price Prediction

Infosys is one of the leading Indian IT companies with a strong global presence. The company has been growing at a rapid pace and is expected to continue its growth in the future. The Infosys share price has been on an uptrend in recent years and is expected to continue its upward trend in the future.

There are several factors that are expected to contribute to the growth of Infosys in the future. These include the increasing demand for digital transformation services, the rising adoption of cloud computing, and the growing need for enterprise mobility solutions. Additionally, Infosys is expected to benefit from the continued growth of the Indian economy and the expanding middle class in India.

As a result of these positive factors, it is expected that the Infosys share price will continue to rise in the future. While there is no guarantee that this will happen, analysts believe that there is a good chance that the Infosys share price will reach Rs 3,000 by 2025. This would represent a significant increase from its current level of around Rs 2,000.

Infosys share price prediction 2035

It is safe to say that the Infosys share price will continue to rise in the coming years. This is based on a number of factors, including the company’s strong fundamentals, its history of delivering shareholder value, and the favorable outlook for the Indian economy.

Assuming that the Indian economy continues to grow at a healthy rate, Infosys should be able to maintain its position as a leading provider of IT services. This would provide a solid foundation for continued growth in the Infosys share price.

The company has also shown a commitment to delivering shareholder value through regular share repurchases and dividend payments. This is likely to continue in the future, providing support for the Infosys share price.

Overall, we believe that Infosys is well-positioned for long-term growth and believe that its share price could reach Rs 4,000 by 2035.

Infosys share price prediction 2050

The Infosys share price is expected to rise significantly by 2050. The company has strong fundamentals and is well-positioned to benefit from the growing demand for digital transformation services. The analysts at Goldman Sachs have predicted that the Infosys share price could reach $1,000 by 2050.


It’s impossible to say for certain what Infosys’ share price will do in the future, but analysts believe that it has the potential to rise in the short term. If you’re considering investing in Infosys, keep an eye on the company’s performance and monitor the share price closely before making a decision.

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